by Jared Murphy

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4 seasons in the Sierra Nevadas, as told by the landscape.


released June 21, 2017

Percussion(also vocals on tracks 2, 3, and 4): Jared Murphy
Vocals on track 1: Kristen Reynolds
Native American Flute on track 2: JP Eikam
Album artwork by Sonia Breuch



all rights reserved


Jared Murphy Truckee, California

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Track Name: Polaris Dances on the Lake
Les étoiles dansent sur le lac.
Un reflet chatoyant.
Mon air est chaud, et je suis en paix.
Track Name: Solace in the Glen
You find a path through the wood.
Let the branches and needles brush your arms.
Feel the scattered cones cracking beneath your feet.
Cool air fills your lungs with exquisite life and you realize that the things that used to scare you have changed since you looked away.
Maybe you've changed too.
Water rushes at your feet, clouds shift and sunlight warms your skin.
This is all that exists now.
This is all there ever was.
Track Name: *
Colder and colder.
Everywhere ice.
Choking roots struggle to grip earth.
Black clouds lurk overhead.
They impart the end.
My friends have stopped singing.
I'm left alone.
Colder and colder.
Track Name: i am awake.
i am awake.